About Beautiful Fraud - "Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world." - Jean-Luc Goddard

Welcome to Beautiful Fraud, a new movie site about all kinds of cinema and filmic entertainment.

There is no snobbery here, we’ll cover action, comedy, thrillers, art-house fare, world movies, re-releases of silent cinema, everything and anything at all which originally designed to be screened in a darkened room through a flickering projection onto a giant screen. On occasion we might also talk about Home Entertainment releases of television shows.

We’ll endeavour to keep you informed of stuff you may not have heard of, and to give you an honest assessment of things available to view.

For the sake of clarity, we’re of the slightly controversial opinion that no one sets out to make a bad film, however tragic the final piece turns out to be. As such we will give fair consideration. If we think a film is awful we’ll try and explain how it could have been better. Constructive criticism makes cinema going better.

And of course, if something is wonderful, we’ll sing its praises.

Hope you enjoy.

Editor, Brian Edwards




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