After an unexpected absence… We’re back!

After an Unexpected Absence... We're Back!

Yes. Sorry for the absence. We’ve been away, but now we are back.

Apologies for the hiatus, being offline and not posting for a long period was not anticipated or intended.
But we are back, and reviews will follow. Tomorrow we’ll let you about the new specially restored version of John Waters’ kitsch and long lost classic Multiple Maniacs, which is coming to cinemas at the end of the week. Restorations of the original eighties version of Fright Night, the Anime version of Metropolis and the new film Trespass Against Us starring Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson and set in a traveller community in the Cotswolds will be featured shortly.
We’ll also share thoughts on a couple of recent releases and beg your forgiveness for our absence.
Cheers everyone.